Thirza's daughters twice successful
Champion of the older mares: Teresita by Alter Fritz out of elitemare Thirza by Karon, Breeder: Jutta Langels, Owner: Ulrike Sahm
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Springe, 19th June 2004 - On the occasion of the central mare regristration of Niedersachsen two daughters of our elite-mare "Thirza" by Karon are in the premium ring! "Taormina" by Freudenfest is registrated for the main-stud-book with 54,5 points. Also registrated with 56 points is her 5-year old half-sister "Teresita" by Alter Fritz. She was the best in the group of the older mares. "Vineta" by Kostolany out of Vineyard Girl xx became best half-blood mare with 52,5 points.
  Reserve-Champion for FLEUR LA ROUGE by Freudenfest
Moritzburg 9. Mai 2004 - The reserve champion titel of the Central Trakehner Verband Mare Inspection East Germany/Berlin was awarded to "Fleur la Rouge" by Freudenfest out of Florence by Opal with 8,7.5,7.5/7.5,8,8/8 (54.5 points).
Congratulations to the breeder and owner, Klaus-Dieter Haacke!
  "Summertime - Accepted for Sweden
Premium-stallion Summertime by Michelangelo   March 2004 - The premium-stallion Summertime out of Elite-sire Michelangelo and Pr.St. Sarogna out of Elite-sire Arogno has been accepted by the Swedish association. As from now his deep-frozen sperm can be used for breeding in Sweden as well.
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  Greta Garbo's first foal is born!
Colt by Summertime out of Greta Garbo by Alter Fritz (one day old)
Hämelschenburg 26. März 2004
At 11.15 pm Greta Garbo finally delivered of a brown colt from Summertime!
This young man is very lively and vital, and at the age of only 10 hours he presented himself at his best during our stud-show on 27.03.04.
  Vicenza's foal is born!
Colt by Exclusiv out of Vicenza by Showmaster (at the age of seven hours)
Hämelschenburg 24. march 2004
in the early morning our colt of Exclusiv out of Vicenza by Showmaster is born. A large filly - with a good type, correct foundation and a good body.

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  Dark Diamond winner in Inter I and Prix St. Georg
Dark Diamond by Davignon I out of premium-mare Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso - Foto: Belgian Dressage Online

Lier/BEL.16.03.2004 - In the Belgium Lier, Sophie Baetens-Van Lent and her black gelding Dark Diamond by Davignon I out of the Hämelschenburger premium mare Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso won both the Prix Saint George and Inter I dressage test.

  More foals of Summertime:
Vivien by Summertime out of premium-mare Vis-a-Vis by Kostolany; photo: Stephan Bischoff
Foto: S. Bischoff
At Schäplitz (Saxony-Anhalt) a filly of Freudenfest and Klara of Exclusiv was born. Sabine Langels is the proud and happy owner of this true type, healthy chestnut foal. A brown colt of Summertime and Tanzlied out of Nandino xx was born in the Rhineland at the Kuhlmann family. Congratulations! From our breeders births several births have been reported. Vis-a-Vis out of Kostolany has conceived a very true type, agile, bay filly of Summertime. Congratulations to the proud owner Imi Gerken.
At Herkendorf at the family Stobbe, a few days ago a bay brown colt of Summertime was born. It is a big foal with a strong conformation (legs) and provided with outstanding good movements; his mother is the Arogno-daughter Heronja. Best wishes from us as well.
  Kapriolan F by Exclusiv - successful at Inter I
Kapriolan by Exclusiv out of Kassuben by Enrico Caruso
The young stallion Kapriolan F by Exclusiv and his rider Sybil Zieglwalner showed for the first time at Inter I level in Greven, Germany, this past weekend (March 6th-7th) and ended up in the ribbons at their very first outing at this level.
Maren Engelhardt

  A fullbrother of Kapriolan F is born
Colt by Exclusiv out of Kassuben by Enrico Caruso
Hämelschenburg 6 March 2004 - in the night to Sunday our proven 20-year old Enrico Caruso daughter Kassuben from Exclusiv give birth a bay-brown, well modelled colt. This foal with a top body and foundation is a fullbrother to the aproved stallion Kapriolan F, who is successful in dressage-competitions class S.
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  Schwalbenspiels foal is born!
12 hours old - colt by Summertime out of state-premium-mare Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv
Hämelschenburg 1. März 2004 -
our state-premium-mare Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv out Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso give birth a bay brown colt by Summertime. He has a very good type, long legs and a good topline.

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Kostolany's son Gribaldi - successful at Grand Prix level

Zwolle 29.02.2004 - In the "Best Stallion class", ridden at Grand Prix level, GRIBALDI by Kostolany and Edward Gal made their reappearance in the scene and also celebrated his first outing at this level. He finished 2nd with an impressive score of 68.25%, which placed him in front of the World Cup silver medalist Relevant (OLD) and Lisa Wilcox.

  Summertime filly is born
3 day old filly by Summertime iut of Miss Marple by Buddenbrock - photo: Michaela Böhn
Harsefeld 28.02.2004 - Family Boehn reported us of the birth of her filly "Miss Sophie" by Summertime out of her young mare Miss Marple by Buddenbrock. Gerd Boehn describes the dark-brown filly as follows: very typeful, largely and with long legs and correctly in the foundation.

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  Kalmar's foal by Summertime is born!
Two day old colt by Summertime out of premium-mare Kalmar by Exclusiv
Hämelschenburg 21. February 2004 -
our premium-mare Kalmar by Exclusiv give birth a bay colt by our premium-stallion Summertime. He has a top conformation, good type and long legs.

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Guendalina's foal is born
one day old filly by Alter Fritz out of state-premium-mare Guendalina by Red Patrick xx Hämelschenburg, February 15th 2004 - our premium and state premium halfbred-mare "Guendalina" give birth to a very typful filly from "Alter Fritz". She is very tall, with correct legs and a first class topline.

More photos of this bay filly you find here!

In memoriam Schwalbenlust
Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso out of Elitemare Schwalbenburg by Ibikus
1986 - 2004
Hämelschenburg, Januar 19th 2004 - our top premium-mare "Schwalbenlust" by Enrico Caruso out of elitemare Schwalbenburg by Ibikus died in the evening of 17. january 2004.

The halfsister of the aproved sires Showmaster, Schwadroneur, Stradivari and Sans Souci carried several show titles, among them the State Champion title and she was also reserve champion at the National Trakehner mare show in 1997.

Schwalbenlust leaves three outstanding daughters for us, among them the premium mare "Schwalbenspiel", dam of the recently approved premium Shavalou (by Freudenfest).

  Photo session during driving snows
Hannah by Freudenfest out of Hekate by Exclusiv
Stahle 4. January 2004 - The 2,5 year old "Hannah" by Freudenfest out of Hekate by Exclusiv presented herself during strong driving snows. Unimpressed of the hard frozen ground she shows her very good basic gaits and her charm.
More Photos of this excellent young mare - breeder and owner Fabian Hage - you find here!

  Our first offspring in 2004
Hengstfohlen v. Kostolany u.d. St.Pr.St. Tavolara v. Exclusiv
Hämelschenburg, 3. January 2004 - Today at 9.45 our state premium mare "Tavolara" give birth to a considerable chesnut colt from "Kostolany". The colt is very large, with strong bones and a very good topline.

The photo shows the foal at his first day. More photos you find here!


  Kostolany daughter born!
5 days old filly by Kostolany out of Escada Nigra by Anduc, Breeder: B. u. H.-J. Groß, D-Schwförden
Schwaförden - Family Groß told us from the birth of their youngest Kostolany-foal out of the Trakehner mare "Escada Nigra" by Anduc.
A beautiful black filly, born at 7.12.2003, with noblesse, top movements and good high. Congratulations to the "Altes Forsthaus" in Erdmannshausen.

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Kostolany-son's successful in Frankfurt

Frankfurt 11.12.2003, "SHOWMASTER" by Kostolany and his rider Petra Siebert-Lindemann are on seventh place in the Intermediaire I (Hessen dressage trophy), and Shannon TSF by Kostolany became fourth in the international Intermediaire II.
  The first foal of the year 2004 is born
2 days old colt by Summertime out of Kadina by Kostolany, Breeder: H. Welk-Lindhorst
Emmern - at the 4th of December the first "Summertime" foal 2004 is born in Emmerthal by Heide Welk-Lindhorst.
We congratulate to the birth of the dark brown colt out of "Kadina" by Kostolany and the elitemare Kleopatra II by Ibikus.

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