Bay Trakehner Stallion
born 1953
stick-measure: 164 cm

by Humboldt out of Italia
by Eichendorf

Impuls by Humboldt, Foto: Archiv
The German Stallion Book provides as follows:
"Strong, important breeding stallion with good stallion expression. Noble, character-full head; well-set and well-carried neck; good in the withers and shoulder; very beautiful in the topline; especially muscular, well-formed croup; excellent hocks, just a bit straighter than ideal. Well-formed knees; short sturdy cannons; well-muscled forearm; front pasterns somewhat upright, the hooves having a slight tendency to contracted heels. Straight, very swinging way of going. In all a very correct breeding stallion.

He is paramount in the production of good broodmares with much substance, best foundation and good character - for example the Hämelschenburger Mares Schwalbenlied (Elite mare, mother of Santiago), Kassiopeia (mother of Kassiber and Kastilio), Kaprice II (mother of Karneval), Zauberspiel (mother of Zauberklang), Valerie (mother of Valerian), Viktoria (mother of Vincent). Some sons are valuable breeding stallions, and some children have excelled in competition, both in jumping and in dressage."

Considered by many to be the most important sire post World-War II, Impuls left to the breed 17 approved sons and 117 studbook mares, including of Isolda (mother of Ibikus) and the Hämelschenburger mares Schwalbenlied (Elite mare and mother of the Hämelschenburger Elite mare Schwalbenburg), Kassiopeia, Kaprice II, Valerie, Viktoria and Zauberspiel at his death in 1976.

Impuls is a son of the great Humboldt, who was the first-place winner of the 1951 DLG at Hamburg and the sire of 8 approved sons and 48 studbook daughters. Impuls' dam Italia is a legend in her own right. She received scores of 1, 2, 0/0, 1 (where "0" is the best possible score), made the "trek" from East Prussia despite shrapnel in her hind leg, and founded her own mare family, dying at the age of 18 after giving birth to her last foal.