Dark Bay Trakehner Stallion
born 1963

Hertilas - 3-jährig, Foto: Archiv
Loretto Pindar xx Abendfrieden xx
Perle xx
Lorica Perserfürst
Herbstgold Totilas Pythagoras
Herbstzeit Bussard
This sire disposes of a radiating type and light-footed rhythmical movements.
His dam-line belonged and belongs to the very best in Trakehnen and now in our up-to-date breed.
Wat a pity - at Webelsgrund-Stud "Hertilas" covered only three mares, after this he was solt do the Klessmann-family and he became a multiple S-Dressage-winner.

"Hertilas" certainly ennobled his offspring. His daughter "Hymna" became a most succesful broodmare and his son is the world-known "Ibikus".