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Trakehner Stallion Glücksruf by Dramatiker x Opernball - Trakehner Gestüt Hämelschenburg - Foto: Thomas Koppers
   Breeding of Glücksruf
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Chesnut Trakehner Stallion, born 2009, Stm. 169 cm
Mare Family of Grenzmaid (Gestüt Neustadt/Dosse)
Breeder: Gestüt Ganschow, Owner: Timothy Holekamp USA
Dramatiker Bardolino Itaxerxes
Pr.St. Borkum
- Tenor
- Tiparillo
Darling VIII Altan II
- Vers I
- Ibar xx
Gretel Opernball Polarpunkt
- Arogno
- Unkensee
St.Pr.St. Gretchen V Trafaret
StPrSt. Grenzdirne
- Almanach I
- Drusus
“Glücksruf” Is the newest stallion standing at stud here at Gestüt Hämelschenburg.

Glücksruf was awarded best jumping stallion of the Trakehner licensing in 2011. Breeding director Lars Gehrmann described the stallion best, as: “Glücksruf: from the Dramatiker´s first crop of foals, comes a stallion who was able to improve day by day, a calm sportsman, confident at the jump, with an elegant self-possession in which he deliberately forgoes. Outstanding gaits, a matter of course with which he solved all the tasks set for him - one of the sportiest stallions of the event and also the best show jumping stallion.”

Dr. Timothy Holekamp from Columbia, Missouri / USA, acquired the stallion and initially placed him at the Majenfelderhof stud farm, where he received solid basic training from Steffi Herken-Wendt and her trainer Tanja Kuhn. After the stallion testing, he went to Miriam Bray and then after to Kai-Steffen Meier, who is his current rider. Glücksruf has had many successful outings at advanced levels under Kai-Steffen Meier; including 3rd place in the CCI 4*-S in Sopot, Poland and 4th place in the CCI 4*-S international in Wiesbaden-Biebrich.

30-day test 2012, Redefin: Final score: 7.91. Dressage: 8.28. Jumping: 7.35. Individual grades in the final test: Walk: 9.0; Trot 8.0; Canter: 8.0; rideability: 8.5; Free jumping: 7.0. 70-day test 2013, Marbach: final score: 8.06. Dressage: 8.18. Jumping: 7.75. Individual grades in the final test: Walk: 9.5; Trot 8.5; Canter: 8.0; rideability: 8.0; free jumping: 9.0; jumping: 7.5; Terrain: 8.0.

The daughter of Glücksruf: Kia-Ora, a 2014 mare out of a Kostolany mother, was the champion mare of the central mare registration in Lower Saxony in 2017. Kia-Ora’s daughter achieved the top price of the foal auction in Münster-Handorf 2021 with EUR 85,000. Glücksruf’s daughter Herzenssache - bred by the Majenfelde stud farm - was also registered with premium points. In the Bavarian State Horse Breeding, Tetris, a mare from Glücksruf, was the state champion mare in jumping.

Glücksruf’s mother Gretel comes from the Grenzmaid family, which is one of the proven sports lines in the former GDR. With Glücksruf’s full brother Glücksruf II, she produced a sport stallion that was successful up to dressage class S**.

Gretel is a close maternal relative of the licensed stallions and successful S-level jumpers Grenzfall and Griton. The best jumping stallion at the time in 1999. The dam's sire Opernball was a premium stallion in Neumünster and was successful in jumping up to M level and in dressage up to L level. In 1998 Opernball represented the Trakehner breed at the Bundeschampionat for German riding horses. On Opernball’s sire’s side, Glücksruf comes from the great dynasty of the Flaneur via Arogno, which is shown through his type, large frame and sporty. Through Opernball’s dam Orissa and her sire Unkensee, he carries the athletically proven genes of the passer combination Ibikus and Impuls. Unkensee himself was successful dressage up to medium level and was a close maternal relative of the excellent sports sire Unkenruf, who was trained up to Grand Prix and was able to establish himself as a sire in Oldenburg breeding and in the USA. The licensed stallions Oberon and Ocaccio, who are successful up to advanced level in dressage, and the Grand Prix mare Olivia TSF also belong to the Optimist's small line.

Glücksruf's father Dramatiker is known as a versatile stallion, who is characterized by good jumping. Successful in sport up to M** level in jumping, he was then sold to China in 2012 as a breeding and sport stallion.
His offspring are successful in all categories of riding up to S level, as demonstrated by Glücksruf I and his full brother Glücksfuf II.
He is a very close relative of the licensed sport stallions Dynamic II (USA), Dornzauber, Der Dürer TSF, Der Dante and Delacroix (USA). The Skadi mare family always delivers first-class sport horses that hold their own in all disciplines. Reserve winner Delikat also belongs to this line.

Dramatiker’s sire Bardolino was licensed in Neumünster and became a sucessful show jumper with placements up to medium level. As a loan stallion in Ganschow, he met a solid and sporty mare base and showed his very dominant type and his sportiness before he was then sold abroad. In Ganschow he had many breeding opportunities, in the years after we saw a number of offspring of the stallion with striking talent for jumping appear again and again. He was also able to establish himself as a sport sire in other breeder stables (e.g. Batida de Coco, Prix St. Georg or Sixtus, M show jumping). The advanced level dressage horses Ballade and Billie as well as the advanced level show jumpers Lennox and Highwell Barbados also came from Bardolino's dam line.

The Dramatiker dam, Darling VIII, is one of the most reliable mares in the Ganschow Stud.
Her sire Altan II was one of the best sport horse sires in the entire breed and, in addition to a number of show jumpers and dressage horses up to S level, also produced the Trakehner Lamarc and Solar, who were distinguished as elite stallions in the Meckelnburg breed.
Dam's sire Altan II was also a top producer when it comes to performance transmission and produced international show jumpers and eventing horses.

Glücksruf by Dramatiker - Foto Toffi

Glücksruf by Dramatiker - Foto Stephan Bischoff
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Dramatiker by Bardolino




Glücksruf ist anerkannt für Trakehner und Süddeutsche Zuchtverbände (weitere auf Anfrage)

Glücksruf wird ab 15.02.2022 über Frischsamen zu beziehen sein.

Decktaxe: EUR 1.000,--
(Nachlaß bei mehreren Stuten)

Tiefgefriersamen kann vermittelt werden.