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Grey Trakehner Stallion
born 1964
stickmeasure: 163 cm (2,5 - years old)

Condus by Ramzes AA, Fotos: Archiv
Ramzes AA Rittersporn xx Saint Sualge xx
Molly Clarke xx
Jordl ox Schagya X
Constanze Humboldt* Hutten

1st class Stallion Performance test / Grand Prix de Dressage
Father of top Dressage-Horses

Comments from German Trakehner Stallion Book -
Well-proportioned with long lines; pleasing head, neck and shoulder, good saddle position; long, somewhat sloped pelvis, medium strong foundation; impulsive trot; proud bearing in all movements. The quite popular stallion has produced a number of very good daughters; of medium size, they have sufficient substance and good faces, advantageously shaped necks, swinging backs and a pleasant way of going in all phases of movement; it must also be emphasized that they are good keepers and utilize their feed well.

Condus was approved at Neumünster in of October of 1966 after which he stood at Gestüt Pütter, FRG until 1974. He continued his stud duties in Germany until 1980 for C. Heuckeroth. In February of 1981 he was imported by Harry Zimmermann and stood for a year at his Ontario farm. From 1982 until his death he stood at Zeitgeist Trakehner Farm in PA. In the years 1980 & 1981 he was rated the #1 sire of money winning dressage horses within the Trakehner breed in Germany.

Condus is father of the Grand Prix winners: Chrysos, Lavinia and Leonidas.

Condus - 3-jährig, Foto: Archiv

Condus (als Junghengst)

Condus, Foto: Archiv


Condus v. Ramzes AA, Foto: Archiv