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Trakehner Gestüt Hämelschenburg
Our foals from the year 2008 and 2007:


Bay Oldenburger Mare, born 18.01.2008
by Summertime out of Beloved by Kostolany out of Bell'Air by Sandro
Breeder: Gestüt Hämelschenburg

Beresina v. Summertime - Kostolany - Sandro Beresina v. Summertime - Kostolany - Sandro

Brown Trakehner Mare, born 21.04.2008
by Exclusiv out of Kaiserzeit by Summertime out of Kaiserjagd by Alter Fritz out of Elitemare Kassuben
by Enrico Caruso
Breeder: Gestüt Hämelschenburg

3year old Trakehner Mare by Exclusiv out of Kaiserzeit by Summertime, Foto: Beate Langels

Grey Trakehner Filly, born 09.04.2007
by Summertime out of Elitemare Thirza by Karon out of Thiara by Falke out of St.Pr.St. Thila by Condus
Breeder: Gestüt Hämelschenburg


Brown Trakehner Gelding, born 20.03.2005
by Gribaldi out of St.Pr.St. Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv out of Pr.St. Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso out of Elitemare Schwalbenburg by Ibikus*
Breeder: Gestüt Hämelschenburg

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